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Carbon Solutions

CARBON SOLUTIONS is a carbon utilization centered company, using American-based expertise and innovation to assist projects in advancing their goals in support of a cleaner environment.

CARBON SOLUTIONS provides analysis and capital investment services to carbon utilization projects for private and public funded projects.

CARBON SOLUTIONS advances a cutting-edge industrial revolution for the next-generation of processing and production for green products and materials. Utilizing a zero-carbon negative emissions approach, CARBON SOLUTIONS  seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, utilize supply chains, and advance project development with an American-centered vision.


CARBON SOLUTIONS assists the production of materials through the utilization of humanitarian and environmentally friendly methods, to create sustainable supply chains through the use of recycled materials and waste streams.

CARBON SOLUTIONS produces life cycle analysis reports and funds research  that enables the production of carbon-based materials and other supply chain utilization products within the United States, at internationally competitive prices and at the highest industry standards.

Ongoing research

CARBON SOLUTIONS supports the use of carbon-based ores and wastes to produce a new generation of American-based materials to fill national supply chain gaps with little-to-no-wastes and a zero-carbon negative emissions production processes.


CARBON SOLUTIONS utilizes carbon-based materials to produce synthetic graphite and lithium-ion battery anodes in addition to carbon-based fibers for composites within the aerospace and defense industries producing unique high-performance materials.

made in america

Offering new opportunities for the American people and the American economy, CARBON SOLUTIONS reignites the American dream while ensuring new levels of national prosperity and security while keeping the planet green.


CARBON SOLUTIONS is committed to promoting cutting-edge clean innovation and securing a future where the United States will be self-reliant in a global economy.

The possibilities are endless in an American-centered manufacturing revolution.


2400 Ansys Drive

Suite 102 - #150

Canonsburg, PA 15317

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