Carbon Solutions

Carbon Solutions is a manufacturer of next-generation materials utilizing carbon-based materials to ensure the next industrial revolution in America.

Using United States expertise and innovation, CARBON SOLUTIONS is funding research that will enable it produce carbon-based materials made in the United States at internationally competitive prices and at the highest industry standards.

next gen materials

From synthetic graphite and lithium ion battery anodes, to carbon based fibers for composites utilized in aerospace and defense applications, carbon offers opportunities for high performance that other materials cannot realize


At Carbon Solutions, we are committed to using carbon based ores and bi products to produce a new generation of US based materials.

non-conventional sources

Next generation materials for an America-centered supply chain is critical now more than ever.


With advanced methods of recovery from non conventional sources available, coal associated ores are increasingly a viable option to fill supply chain gaps.

At CARBON SOLUTIONS we are committed to utilizing coal associated ores to usher in Americas next industrial revolution

made in america

With an American made manufacturing revolution, the possibilities are endless.


The  United States will have ignited the American dream, offering new opportunities for the American people and the American economy ensuring new levels of prosperity and security.


The new age will promote innovation like never before, securing a future where the United States continues to be the primary producer and exporter in a Global economy.


2400 Ansys Drive

Suite 102 - #150

Canonsburg, PA 15317

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